I remember way back...20 years ago (ok, maybe a little more)...I would be scared of what you would think. I was scared to be “that girl”, that sales person, I could never be that big, I could never make a difference....yep, that used to be me! 🤦‍♀️

This mindset has taken so many opportunities away from me in the past. A few years ago, I stopped that mindset, and set out to change it, MY RECHARGE - MY JOURNEY! This is where a large amount of you came into my life. I gained beautiful friends, a wonderful and supportive community, and became trusted for my opinion and choices in the businesses where I put my heart, soul and energy. That’s been an amazing journey that led to self-improvement in many facets of my personal and business life. 🙌 This lead me to MY RECHARGE - MY JOURNEY

As life usually works, several months ago, I stopped in my tracks. I realized I was depending on others to provide my income, I realized I had become successful, but not independent!  I realized that MY RECHARGE - MY JOURNEY had become lost.

See, I’m so guilty of this, in a world where all we’re subjected to is what other’s think, we dim the light to God’s purpose and who we are supposed to be. 🌻 I prayed, like literally on my knees, I needed to see my purpose now... in a world of uncertainty, politics and total chaos, I needed to be sound in my business decisions, my business partners and my general judgement...for myself, my family, my friends... those who trust me. 🙌  And I needed back MY RECHARGE - MY JOURNEY!!

Fast forward to the last few weeks, MY RECHARGE - MY JOURNEY became evident and  every day that doing what makes me happy is the key to actually feeling happiness instead of evaluating what others think, I’m evaluating what I think of myself at the end of the day. 🥰 Some opinions and thoughts prevented me from almost walking away from the best opportunity and partnership EVER—- SO GLAD I DIDN'T!  If I had, I wouldn't be true to MY RECHARGE - MY JOURNEY!

I’ve worked my tail off for the past 5 years, if you know me, you likely know the struggles, successes, failures...and how I found and lost MY RECHARGE - MY JOURNEY.  This is just like a big deep breathe of fresh air, and God saying “MJ, relax let me do this, let me put these people in your life”...and so with a servant heart, I let that happen... To say the least, I AM MIND BLOWN and so excited for the future!🌿 And, MY RECHARGE - MY JOURNEY
If you have read this far, you are my person ❤️... and I say to you, “You don’t have to have experience or know all the things, you just have to be teachable and willing to use the simplest means already in place!”  You can also write about your own, MY RECHARGE - MY JOURNEY
If $1000+ before the end of this month could bless you, friend, don’t let “what will they say” rob you of anymore dreams! I am ready to take you with me to the top, are you ready?! 🙋🏼‍♀️  Let's run together and put your own MY RECHARGE - MY JOURNEY into action!

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