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Honored by my community

It’s very humbling when those that trust you show up for an impromptu meeting about your passion. It was amazing, brainstorming, and full of honor by my community.

 As I was telling them about my life changes, what caused my changes...I realized that I am honored by my community in such a way that I had never felt before. That feeling when it’s all right; that’s what I’m living right now. It all falls into place, everyone told me that I would know when it was right... and I think this is it for me. My struggles, my trials, my successes...I finally found a place to call my own. A niche. 

The best part of this is that I’m able to bless others with this amazingness that I found. If I could just share this product, this opportunity, with someone... and have them become better financially, mentally, physically...I would forever be in my glory. Serving others validates my goal. I don’t have one problem with helping others... and that shows through the honor of my community.

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